Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Hurting Time Begins

Johnny is a Yankee. It hurts to just type that. I cried a little at my desk, surrounded by the black lillies that my co-worker brought into the office today. My Johnny Damon Bobblehead looming over me, now adorned with a boycott symbol taped over his face and a dunce hat on his head that reads LOSER.

Sure, the threat of Johnny leaving Boston has been hanging over us since he played out his contract with the Red Sox. but Johnny himself said he didn't want to play for the Yankees, or any other team for that matter. No, Johnny's heart was, according to him, with the Red Sox. He wanted to finish out his career playing for Red Sox Nation, at least that's what he told us. Is that why he took a four-year deal with the Yankees for a mere $12 million more than what the Red Sox were offering? Damon also said it wasn't about the money. He knew the Yankees were going to come at him hard and offer alot, but the Jesus of baseball preached that baseball is worth more than money. Apparently not. Lie to yourself, Johnny, but don't lie to me.

I hope that cutting your hair and shaving your face before each game is worth that extra few million a year. Because I'll tell you something, Damon. It's going to be a lot easier to hate you than it will be to become a fucking Yankee fan. You truly are an idiot.


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