Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Fall of Troy

I hung out with rock stars last night. Roomalina bought tickets to see her favourite band, The Fall of Troy. They played at Axis, a small venue in Boston that allows crazy fans to get very close to their favourite bands. Which is exactly what Roomalina did. I had told her, somewhat in jest, that she should take an extra pair of panties with her to throw on the stage during the band's set. Because all bands like it when girls throw panties at them. It's a rock and roll fact.

Well, she did just that. She threw her panties on stage, and the next thing she knew, the band wanted to come home with her. Not in a 'let's all go home with this crazy chick and bone her' sort of way. But more in a 'uh, we don't have any place to sleep except for in our van' sort of way.

So Roomalina called Roomette and I to ask if it would be okay if she brought rock stars home with her to stay the night. It was 10:30 and I had just gotten done making mashed potatoes while Roomette watched the fourth episode of That 70's show in syndication. We kind of needed some rock stars to hang out with at that moment. Besides, it's her FAVOURITE BAND. I couldn't deny her the opportunity to host a sleepover with her favourite band. That would be unnecessary and wrong. Hell, I was impressed. I wouldn't have even called to ask permission, I would have just brought the band home and told my roommates to deal with it. (Of course, there is a difference between Eurythmics and the four 20 year old boys that make up The Fall of Troy.) But hell, they are rock stars, right?

So they came over. We hung out, partied like rock stars until I finally had to hit the sack at 12:30. (Hey, I'm no spring chicken and at my age rock stars can only keep me awake for so long.) Roomalina was so happy. I've never seen anyone that happy before in my life.

The next day, after Roomalina served the band pancakes for breakfast (and after they piled into their van hauling a trailer full of their band equipment that they had parked on our back lawn), I asked Roomalina if last night was the best night she'd ever had. She thought about it for a bit, weighing all of her options. But in the end, she smiled with that huge beaming smile (she actually hasn't stopped smiling yet) and said that yes, last night was indeed the best night of her life.

Then we made the heavy metal fingers and yelled "Woo-hoo! Fall of Troy! Yeah! Woo-hoo!"


Anonymous roomalina said...

Woo-hoo! Fall of Troy! Woo-hoo! Eurythmics!

you rock :)

November 28, 2005 9:18 AM  

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