Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Dishtowel Dilemma

As I age I realize that more and more of the things my mother did that were crazy, annoying, completely ridiculous and even a little bit neurotic are starting to creep up on me. You see, I have these dish towels. They match my bright kitchen perfectly. One orange, one green, and one yellow one hang in the kitchen accented by two bright white ones with an orange, a lime, and a lemon embroidered on them. They are super cute, and of course, they match my kitchen perfectly.

I'm kind of obsessed with these dish towels. I don't want anyone using them for anything. They are decorative-use-only dish towels. I spent quite a bit of time washing them yesterday after noticing they had stains and dirt all over them. I washed, bleached, blotted, and washed again. They came out perfectly white again and are now drying before I fold them and hang them up, perfectly aligned.

I've told the roommates not to use them, which they are very good about. I guess dish towels just get dirty. We did have some guests over who graciously cleaned our kitchen after breakfast yesterday. So I have a feeling that is when the dirty dishtowel drama began. I'm tempted to put a sign on the dish towels that reads: "For decorative use only. Please do not use." But after mentioning this to Roomette, we decided together, by which I mean she told me, that that would turn our kitchen into a Bed & Breakfast and that maybe I should just try to calm down. It's not even like these dish towels cost me a lot of money (I think they were on sale for $1 each), or like they are heirlooms from my dead grandmother. But COME ON PEOPLE! They are cute decorative dishtowels and not a place for you to wipe your grungy dirty hands or clean off your filthy food-covered spatulas.

I'm going to get help for this some day. But for now, I'm going to go fold my decorative dish towels evenly into thirds and hang them up so that they are in front of the cute colored ones so that all of the bottoms are even. That's all. I'm going to be fine.


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