Sunday, October 16, 2005

The End of Baseball

I know it took me awhile to write about this in my blog, but I've been recovering from last week's loss against the White Sox. Now that the sun is back out, and the city of Boston is done crying for a solid week with the rain, I think it's time. It wasn't even that it was so sad, as the fact that (which we go thru almost every year) we came so far, so close, and then lost it all in a three game sweep at the end. It was so anticlimactic. All that baseball, spring training to post season, for what?

One of the things that was helping to keep me sane as I recover from this broken ankle was the thought of baseball in October. I figured that this would give me the perfect excuse to not leave my house and go crutching around in public (apparently I have issues with the handicapped and need therapy to resolve how this affect my personal self-esteem.) With a baseball game happening almost everynight, I had the perfect excuse to sit on my couch drinking beer. Unfortunately this only lasted for the first week. And then the rains came.

In a way, the week-long rain served the same purpose as baseball, except it also served as a constant reminder of the sadness and despair upon all of Red Sox Nation. With the week long rain shower, I was able to stay inside, not be pressured to go out much, but there was no baseball to watch (well, there was, but my heart wasn't really into watching any team other than the Sox at this point.)

Thank god for syndicated television. Did you know that reruns of That 70's Show are on pretty much starting at 5:00 pm and ending somewhere around 9? Almost every weekday! Also, the show is fucking hilarious. Definitely a good way to pass the time on the couch.


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